Commitment and passion from forty years

LaBCP has been distributing flexible cables for cars and industrial vehicles since 1976. LaBCP was founded in 1976 and over the years has established itself in the flexible cable and hydraulic brake hose market. Thanks to employee dedication and commitment and client loyalty, it has become one of the leading distribution companies in Italy.

LaBCP supplies industry specialists with a complete range of items for Italian, European and Asian motor vehicles from the large stock available in the Pero-Milan warehouse and offers a rapid, precise and punctual service.

The LaBCP philosophy is motivated by values of professionalism and accurate service; it is this philosophy that lies at the roots of the company’s success.

The our quality is certified

LaBCP offers a complete range of items for Italian, European and Asian cars that are made from original designs and guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

Rigorous checks, strict quality control standards and conformity to international safety standards ensure the unique characteristics of our products:

  • Long life
  • Limited volumetric expansion
  • High resistance to stress
  • Certified quality

Thorough research and the development of new technologically advanced materials combined with certified quality, flexibility and a high level of professionalism make LaBCP a safe and reliable reference point for the leading car manufacturers.


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